GCSE About Us is a breakthrough in the world of educational websites. We use ground-breaking technology to help you achieve the best result you can in your Maths GCSE.

AI-Enabled Hyper-personalization

AI systems are being used to personalize learning for each student. We use machine learning-based hyper-personalization and develop a custom learning profile of each student and customize the materials for each student based on their ability and experience.


Machine learning has the potential to develop detailed analysis for each student, delivering them concepts and establishing goals that fit their strengths.

Smart Content – Technology that attempts to condense various resources (textbooks, revision note etc.) into a useful tool for exam preparation

If you are aiming to achieve top grades in your GCSE exams, then you are in the right place. facilitates you to create a random practise test from previous GCSE papers every time in a selected topic so that you can practice topics of your choice, with vast scope to strengthen your skills in each GCSE topic. Besides that, we also provide GCSE past papers to familiarise yourself with the number of questions, type of questions, timing, the allocation of marks, etc.

Our Features:

  • A More Customized Learning Experience
  • Predicting Grades / Marks
  • Topic-wise practice
  • Past papers practice
  • Self-correction mode
  • Strength and weakness reports
  • And many more

AI is the intelligence that is displayed by machines. We use it on our website as a way of helping to identify gaps in a student’s knowledge. When a student takes one of our tests, which is a compilation of questions from real GCSE Maths past papers, algorithms are used in order to pick out the topics and areas where a child needs help. We then provide recommendations for you to get a stronger understanding of the topic, and eventually, with consistent practice, you become an expert!

AI and Machine Learning also help to provide a more personalised experience. Based on results, tests can be composed of more topics that you may not be so confident about, in order to help you gain confidence and do well in the real examination.

Furthermore, with the help of algorithms, we can help to predict grades and marks. This should give a student an idea of how well they are doing, and how much more/consistent work they should be doing in order to be fully prepared for your GCSE.

We also use algorithms in order to track the progress you are making, through graphs of results, test history and how much work one is doing on our website. This means that we will be able to inform you about how much a student is working and if they are on track to getting the best possible marks in their GCSE.

Are you struggling to organise learning, revision and practise? Well, don’t worry… you have come to the right place. We can advise you on what steps to take based on the results of the tests you take, through the help of algorithms. This will enable you to work more efficiently on your GCSE preparation so that you have more time to work on other GCSEs.

Are books, practise papers and notes all a bit much for you? No need to worry, as we can provide you with simple practise papers that will help you to gain a clear conscience on what you need to do via progress charts and suggestions.

Our website provides efficient and well-structured GCSE revision, which is an essential sort of preparation for you to ensure success in your GCSE examinations. We provide quality resources for each Maths topic, which can be used as handy notes, useful to revise before exams. By this way of revision, you will gain confidence in your academic abilities. As well as this, after completing a test, you can get your test analytics on performance as well as history.

These test-analytics help you to know your weak areas in Maths and we can help you to strengthen them. We help you learn how to apply core mathematical concepts to solve mathematical problems. So congratulations! You have found the right platform to perfect your GCSE Maths, and also we drive you through with fun learning.